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Compass is a device used for navigation and directions. Whether you are on a sail, riding, exploration or mountaineering, a compass is considered as a go to product.

A compass is the best travel partner when it comes to routes and navigations.

You can’t travel in an unknown area without a trusted navigator like a compass.

A button compass is a perfect choice for hikers and campers.

Now moving forward the real question that arises is, how to find a good compass ?

So let’s have a look at the buying guide section.

Buying Guide For Button Compass

We are highlighting some important characteristics that you should check out while purchasing the button compass.


The foremost thing when buying any such product you should take care of is durability of the product. A compass is made up of various tiny objects. Therefore make sure that it doesn’t shatter easily.

Needle Type

Select a compass with a magnetized needle, with a constant flow of liquid which helps it turn freely and make sure that liquid used does not freeze in low temperature.

Works well with dark

The best thing about a button compass is that its cardinal directions glow well even in the dark. So you need to worry about the light of the compass to fade with time.

Editors Recommendation

If you are still confused and not sure of what to buy, don’t worry we have selected an authentic and trusted product for you that will fit just perfectly with your backpack.

Here we are talking about a  Keenso 12 pcs button compass for hiking, camping and outdoor activities.


  • The compass is portable i.e. easy to carry and also an easy to use product
  • The compass has a classic design with circular chassis
  • Precisely useful in many  activities like- outdoor mountaineering, orienteering, camping, riding, geological exploration, navigation etc.
  •  The given compass is made up of high quality plastic and is durable.
  • Oil filled compass increases the stability of the compass.
  • Packaging – 12 pieces


So,these were all the essential points that you need to learn about while purchasing a button compass. We hope that this post was successful in assisting you while you were shopping and you were able to select some of the good and worthy products.

We hope that with this button compass your hiking journey will be a lot more pleasant and interesting.

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